Part II: Questions for Ask Alex

8 thoughts on “Part II: Questions for Ask Alex”

  1. Hi Alex, no VP here, just a lay person. You mentioned SAP is working toward making the world more sustainable, being more energy-efficient, and solve some complex world problems. Does SAP have any current or future solutions they’d like to share, specifically with global warming, sustainability, and maybe even the world hunger and refugee crisis? I know we used to have Carbon Impact a long time ago. What do you hope to learn and bring back to SAP so that we can all come up with some solutions and make an impact?


    1. Hi Sophia! Thanks for the interest and question. I’m still on my own learning journey to discover what we can do in terms of climate action. I’ve only begun to learn about what SAP has done/continues to do to in this space as well. Have you read the 17 UN Global Goals that SAP is supporting? Specifically, goal 13 focuses on Climate Action. Check that out, it’s a great resource:

      As for what I hope to bring back to SAP, there’s a wealth of knowledge I’ve gained and continue to curate through the people I’ve met and relationships I fostered. I’m forever changed from this experience and I hope to translate the inspiration and impact into action for our employees.


  2. Alex – I can’t wait to have lunch with you to learn more and hear about this fantastic experience / adventure…and for your tips on living a more friendly life as the shower timer and bucket I tried to inspire my family to use backfired spectacularly on me. I love this QA and you are also a very eloquent writer btw. And how awesome that SAP is part of this expedition – safe travels home!


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